Breeder’s Cup & Sponsors

As we all know, showing cattle is no easy task. It requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication and physical labor from exhibitors and family. It not only requires passion, but a kind heart and a strong support system. D4TC and its sponsors believe these Show Cattle kids are incredible and deserve to be rewarded! With support from sponsors like you we can shower our junior cattle exhibitors with praise, prizes and positive memories they will forever remember!

How the Breeder’s Cup Sponsorship Works

The Breeder’s Cup is designed to raise and distribute large scale payouts for our juniors, who are supporting our sponsors through cattle sale purchases.

Sponsors contribute a minimum $300 to the breed/breeds in which their cattle would be shown. Sponsor may split their contribution up to as many as 5 separate breeds, or 4 breeds plus the market division to accommodate those selling multiple breeds.

The Breeders Cup ring is eligible to all cattle, although only cattle raised or sold by verified sponsors will be eligible for the vast breed/divisional payouts. In addition to these payouts, thousands of dollars in show supplies, feed/supplements and many other door prizes are earmarked for those who exhibit sponsored cattle. All entries qualify for top 5 overall money.

100% of sponsorships are distributed to exhibitors, junior payouts, remainder would be applied to expenses not covered by D4TC executive sponsorships

Breeding Heifers

Money tabbed for breed’s, stays in that breeds female show (with the exception of Angus, Hereford and Mini-Hereford steers as these breeds require Purebred status).

Each breed’s payouts will paid to the top 50% of the sponsored-eligible cattle. Up to top 5 in each breed.

Market Show/Crossbred Breeding Heifers

Money tabbed for the market/crossbred division covers any other breed of steer not mentioned above, crossbred steers, market heifers and commercial breeding heifers.

Money will be applied to each breed of steers, market heifers and commercial heifers according to that division’s total number of sponsored entries and paid out accordingly.

Payouts will be paid to the top 50% of sponsored cattle in each division with a maximum of top 5 per division

2022 Breeders Cup Sponsors