Help Us Giveback to the Juniors in Our Industry


D4TC was developed for those of us who wish to make selling cattle, whether it be a living or a hobby, a rewarding way to give back to juniors in our industry. At the same time offering added value to our sponsors for their contribution.

Breeder’s Cup sponsors receive a link (below) to either their farm webpage or preferred social media page, where buyers wishing to show for large divisional money may search for sponsors from our database.

I want to become a Breeder Cup Sponsor

As a sponsor, any cattle currently or previously registered to you, or in the case of unregistered cattle, raised or sold by sponsors are eligible for D4TC divisional payouts. Exhibitors showing sponsor eligible cattle, qualify for discounted entry fee and thousands of dollars in show supplies, feed/supplements and other door prizes from our many Executive Sponsors.


We as sponsors understand the hard work and dedication required to make a calf project a success. Whether you want your project to be simply educational or have championship aspirations we want to reward you. We also understand the undeniable cost associated with these projects; from feed and supplements to show supplies, fuel, your food, hotels, etc.

D4TC wishes to reward our junior exhibitors with a breed show that is focused on rewarding them for their efforts. This show is open to all cattle and all cattle are eligible for our large top 5 overall payout. However, to receive the tens of thousands of dollars in the Breed/Divisional payouts, the many dollars in donated show supplies or feed/feed supplements among the many other door prizes your cattle must be either raised or sold by a D4TC sponsors.

All of our sponsors are listed on our website and their information is shared on our Facebook profile. If you have your calf and they’re not from a sponsored breeder/farm, encourage your seller to become a sponsor today. Support those in the industry who support YOU!